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Caring for aging loved ones can be stressful. 

We offer a range of elderly care services in Texarkana, Texas. Over the last 17 years, our skilled nursing and therapy center has provided exceptional care to countless seniors.

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    Rehab to Home Enhance Your Recovery With Personalized Physical Therapy Services

    We’re proud of The Waterton Therapy Team. We strive to make you a top priority, from our flexible scheduling to our care in explaining concepts the way you would to a loved one. 

    Call us at +1 903-223-1188 now to learn more about the physical therapy options we offer at our skilled nursing facility.

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    Activities Participate in acitivities for the elderly 

    Happiness can have a real effect on your health. We put this principle to practice at The Waterton. We host a variety of daily and weekly group activities for the elderly. There is never a dull moment for our residents. We'll do whatever it takes to keep you happy during your time at The Waterton. 

    Call +1 903-223-1188 now for more details about our activities for the elderly.

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